about us!

Ana – Vocals

Ana is a self taught musician who strives to study all styles of music to develop an eclectic sound. She brings a more laid-back and mellow vibe to the band and their music. She’s passionate about music and loves experimenting with genres and sounds.

Goose – Bass

Goose is a bassist at heart. Dabbling in guitar, drums and triangle, he is a multi-instrumentalist. Goose wholeheartedly stirs the band in a funky direction, while “There is not one non-funky bone in his body.”

Theo – Drums

Theo plays drums for Cosmic Hot Sauce and is widely regarded as a numbskull (hence the intense passion for drums and aspiring pursuit of it in college). After playing piano for many years and retaining little to nothing his passion for music was kicked into high gear when he met Goose and formed a small side project. He brings a stable backbeat and a strong foundation to the band.

Nico – Guitar

very cool man. quite the talented guitarist and an overall cool man!